Vera Cruz Amethyst

Product Information

They are unusual looking Amethyst Crystals with wonderful energy! The Vera Cruz mine is no longer producing, so these are getting harder to find in either quality or reasonable price.

Vera Cruz formations are beautiful and interesting, it may includes DT’s, Scepters, Skeletals, Cathedrals, Clusters and Twins. They have beautiful lavender purple color.

Vera Cruz Amethyst produces an immediate Beta state. It stimulates the Throat Chakra and the Heart Chakra which produces a calming effect. If you place one of these crystals or crystal clusters on your arm, it provides tranquility. Stroking Vera Cruz Amethyst causes it to emit energy. Its incredible purple and lavendar tones work on the Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst has often been used for combating addictions of all kinds, but especially alcoholism, and is known by many as the “Sobriety Stone”.

Amethyst is thought to work with the Third-Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras, while Vera Cruz Amethyst is believed to work with the Heart and Throat Chakras as well. This allows for any information received through the Etheric and Crown Chakras to be processed and absorbed through the other three Chakras. Using Vera Cruz Amethyst with the Heart Chakra can promote Universal Love within the self, for application in one’s daily life.

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