Testimonial from Singapore Customers

Celes – March 2013:
I am thrilled to acquire my 7 Chakras tumbled stones and Super 7 pendant from the wonderrful ladies at Secret Crystals. The stones and crystals are neatly packaged with description which is useful for someone new to healing crystals and stones like myself. I not only felt satisfied as a customer, but when acquiring crystals, I also need to feel a sense of affinity towards them – which I experienced with your crystals. I will be back for more crystals!
Thanks again!
Gwen – Feb 2013 
Seller is very accommodating and helpful. The quartz mandarin ducks are of a very pink, like my purchase a lot. Thank you!
Kelvin – Aug 2012
Hi,I bought the black tourmaline raw piece and bronzite to place in my office. After placing the crystals, there is less conflict within the office area. Now working in harmony and it does promote good teamwork.Thank you!
 Nyian – Jun 2012


I purchased the above item recently and hang it at my office cubicle. Lately, I started to realize that I feel more peaceful and ease at work. Even a colleague that I could not really get along well has started to change her attitude towards me. I am very happy with the change and am glad that I purchased the Bronzite with Black Tourmaline from Secret Crystals.

Darlene – April 2012

Testimonial from Oversea Customers

Ling, 2013

The crystals you have got have very good vibration, those I received are handy and powerful. Brandenbergs are of fine qualities, inclusions are great. Love them. Malachites and Que Seras selected by you intuitively are great.  It is not common to find Chlorite in Quartz and Amphibole Quartz in this region. Thanks for having the eye to bring in these unique pieces. The vibration are very high, although the physical appearance could be better.
You do have a good intuition in getting the right ones.Thanks for cleansing them before sending and have them all well kept at optimum energy level all the time. They arrived intact and safe, thanks for carefully packing them in laminated bubble wraps. The photos sent by you are carefully captured and reflect the exact appearance which eases my selection.
Look forward for more unique pieces from Secret Crystals.


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