Secret Crystals Story

We started off with a ‘love & hate relationship’ with these natural crystals & stones! In Singapore, crystals are consider rather expensive and I must agree totally. But when you spot a piece of crystals of your liking, you will immediately fall in love and if the price is right (even sometimes it’s just out of your budget :p), you will just part that sum of money from your wallet and bring that darling back home! It’s just so magical! I fall in love with collecting crystals and have not stop collecting.

Why Secret Crystals?
We believed crystals have awesome healing properties which you have to explore yourself. Many may have read from crystal books that Rose Quartz brings love and improve relationship, Citrine brings wealth and abundance ect..Whether it works or not, only the owner will know. There are just so many secrets the crystals can bring to everyone’s lives. You just have to explore and talk to your crystals to find out! Hence we name our online store as Secret Crystals. You can even whisper secrets to your crystals, your dreams, your goals, anything! And I am sure they can make all of them come true!

We  have been doing online store business since 2009. We are a reliable and efficient online store provider and we have received good testimonial on our products/service from buyers all over the world!

SecretCrystals.Net is specially setup for Singapore Customers. International buyers are welcome too (but do email us for postage and shipping charges before any purchase).

We hope to source all kinds of crystals from all over the world at great price – for healing, for collection or gifts for love ones for all Secret Crystals shoppers. If you are particularly looking for any crystals, maybe we have it in our secret chest? or have no idea what to buy, do drop us an email we will give you some good suggestion.


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Enjoy your journey and never stop exploring the secrets of crystals.

Our Outdoor Events in Singapore
We took part in various outdoor events since 2010, it’s the joy of meeting crystal lovers and sharing our humble knowledge with everyone we spoke to that keep us going. It is quite fun if you happen to meet crystal lovers and knowing that particular crystal piece which has been sitting on the shelf for donkey years got picked up by that the new owner who caught eyes on it! If you happen to see us, do drop by to say Hi~  😉

We always believe that crystals are always looking for their owners, a piece may looks ordinary and unattractive but to the right owner, it will just call out to you!

We welcome all Flea event or company road-show organizer to contact us to join your events!

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Past Crystal Bazaar/Show Events

“Life is too short to ponder if these crystals work for you! Go and get it and keep one by your side!” — Secret Crystals

One of our outdoor flea event

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