Product Information

  1. Can I pay by Cash On Delivery? This is an Online Store and  we accept ATM funds transfer, internet bank funds transfer or Paypal only. Only upon payment, we will pack and deliver your item.
  2. What type of postage are you using? We use only Singapore Post – Registered Article, meaning you will receive a tracking number after we sent the item. It is much secure this way and you can track the parcel online.
  3. I don’t see a lot of products listed here, are these all products you have? No these are just some of our products. Our photographer tends to get lazy and will upload as soon as we can when the photos are ready. You can send us an email if you looking for any particular crystals.
  4. I would like to view the items personally, do you have a retail store where I can take a look? To keep overhead low in order to offer the best reasonable price, unfortunately we do not have a retail store in Singapore. Only an online store where we serve both Singapore and overseas customers. However if you are located in Singapore, you can email to arrange, especially bracelets where you would like to try on. We believed that if you are fated to have that item, you will get it. If its a unique piece of crystals, and if you like it, please do not think twice, as it may be gone the next moment. We see a lot of incident where customer like a particular piece of crystals and didn’t get it on the spot (during outdoor event) it will be gone by the time you came back looking for it!
  5. How long will I receive my items purchased here? For Singapore customers: We will send your items out for delivery within 3 working days. (excluding Sat & Sun). Depending on location, you may received your item within another 2 daysfrom the day we send for delivery if you are located in Singapore. For international customers: We will send your items out for delivery within 3 working days (excluding Sat & Sun – Singapore time). You will receive your items within another 7-15 working days or more depending on weather condition in your country. 

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