Dragon Jade with Carnelian Mobile Charm

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Product Information

Jade Dragon is an auspicious symbol for wealth, career and business. This hand-crafted jade dragon is manually tied using a beautiful mystic knot design with carnelian crystals beads.

The Chinese Dragon is often told as the heaven’s supreme symbol with incredible strength. The dragon is in charge of the east quadrant of the heaven and the dragon represents sunrise, meaning good start ahead and hope. It is especially auspicious for those who are embarking on business, a new endeavour or career.

Carnelian is a stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivates individual. it also stimulate creativity.  A good combination for individual whose work involves creativity and motivates you to put your thoughts into action.

You can use this Jade Dragon hanging onto mobile phones, bags or simply hang it near your office cubicle.

Size: 11cm (length) – 3cm (jade dragon)

Ideal for: Career, Business & New Start-up Business

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