Bullet quartz necklace

Various gold plated and silver plated bullet quartz pendant available! Beautiful bullet necklace with a Clear...

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Rose Quartz Apple Pendant

Apple which is known as “Ping Guo” has always been associated with peace and harmony by the Chinese...

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Black Tourmaline Wire-Wrapped Pendant or Hanging Charm

A raw piece of Black Tourmaline from Brazil. It’s handmade using Wire-Wrapping method. Black tourmaline is...

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Blue Lace Agate Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Blue Lace Agate is very good for throat illnesses, neck and shoulder pain, thyroid and infections. Try it with...

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Rose Quartz Wire-Wrapped Pendant

This is a handmade wire-wrapped cylinder-shaped polished Rose Quartz Pendant. Rose Quartz which is widely known...

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