Rose Quartz Apple Pendant

Apple which is known as “Ping Guo” has always been associated with peace and harmony by the Chinese...

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5 Element Stone(五行石) Hu Lu/Calabash Gourd for Health Amulet

This Feng Shui Wu Lou/Luo Wu/Hu Lu/Gourd or commonly known as Calabash is tied using 5 Element Stones. Decorating...

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Twin Rose Quartz Hearts Mobile Charm

Rose Quartz is the most desirable of all quartz and is often associated with love and relationships. It is widely...

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Bronzite Crystal Mobile Charm

Bronzite Crystal Mobile Charm is used for the aforesaid protection, as it has the ability to repel and send back...

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Dragon Jade with Carnelian Mobile Charm

Jade Dragon is an auspicious symbol for wealth, career and business. This hand-crafted jade dragon is manually...

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