Bronzite Crystal Mobile Charm

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Bronzite Crystal Mobile Charm is used for the aforesaid protection, as it has the ability to repel and send back negative thoughts, curses and ill-wishings. It is believed that it  returns the ill-wishes, negative thoughts, evil-intent, curses and spells back to the source considerably magnified. This may perpetuate the problem as the  “ill-wishes”  keeps “moving” back and forth. Hence, it more effective to use Bronzite together with Black Tourmaline as Black Tourmaline will absorb the ill-wishings, curses or evil-intent, immediately stopping the interaction and bringing attention away from the source.

This protective stone is also grounding. It is very helpful in discordant situations where one feels they are powerless  or in situation where one has a lack of control. Bronzite helps one to retain a clear head and control under  stressful  situations; maintaining composure and inner calm  and at the same time increases self-assertion.

Bronzite is also known as a “Stone of Focus” and  “Stone of Courtesy”. Bronzite promotes a loving and  unprejudiced discernment within us. It also idenitfies your most important choices and encourages decisive actions. Bronzite as a ”stone of courtesy” helps one to develop in all areas related to service. It will also instill a polite nature in those around you. Thus it is especially helpful to people in careers that deals with the public.

Bronzite is definitely a stone for those who work in a demanding office environment; not only will one be protected but will be able to have greater harmony in the work place.  At the same time one will be  more focus, clear headed, calm and decisive.

On a physical level, Bronzite is helpful for chronic exhaustion, cramps, increases  assimilation of iron and assist in removing pain and alkalinity.

Size: 12cm (length) – 10mm (beads size)

Ideal for: Career & Office politics, Health, Protection.

NOTE: You will receive a random colour knot. (Photo showing yellow knot cord is just a sample)

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