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黄水晶,紫水晶,粉晶, 天然水晶手链,水晶石能量石,原矿石。地址:Bugis cube...

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Black Moonstone 

Black Moonstone holds the same properties as white Moonstone, but with a focus on the New Moon energy and the...

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Restring Your Elastic Crystal Beads Bracelet

Frustrated over your loose or broken elastic crystal beads bracelet? Fret not as we are conducting a workshop...

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Libyan Gold Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Gold Tektite / Libyan Desert Glass What are Tektites? Firstly tektites are associated with meteorite...

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Palo Santo Wood

Click here>>Purchase Palo Santo Wood What is Palo Santo Wood? Palo Santo wood is a mystical tree that...

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Elite Shungite

Silvery noble shungite rough. Check out these elite shungite in our...

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White Sage Leaves

White Sage Leaves (Loose type) Sage Leaves is believed to cleanse a space of any “negative...

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Natural Citrine from Congo Africa

Natural and Untreated Citrine They are not heated from Amethyst. Rare and very sought after! The finest and...

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Selenite Crystal

Selenite Crystal Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum , commonly found in sedimentary rocks. It is...

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Vera Cruz Amethyst

They are unusual looking Amethyst Crystals with wonderful energy! The Vera Cruz mine is no longer producing,...

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